Dhauti: Upper digestive tract cleansing

“This is called dhauti, and removes asthma, splenetic diseases, leprosy and other diseases brought on by phlegm.” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika, chapter 2, vs. 25

Wind purification: Plavini

Close the epiglottis and, with a push, swallow a column of air into stomach. Repeat the process until the stomach is filled with air. Then slowly, belch the air out along with the foul gases from the stomach.

Water purification: Kunjar Kriya or Vamana Dhauti

Drink four to eight glasses of lukewarm salt water. Press the stomach with the left hand. Put the fingers of the right hand to the back of the throat and vomit the water back. may be done once per week always on an empty stomach.

Fire purification: Agni Sara

Practice uddiyana bandha. Without inhaling, relax the abdominal muscles and draw them in again in quick succession. Do 5-10 pumping in this manner. This is one round. Practice 3-5 rounds daily.

Cloth purification: Vastra Dhauti

take a fine piece of gauze two-three inches wide and fifteen feet long. Dip it into tepid salt water. Place one end of the cloth into the mouth and begin to chew. Begin to swallow the cloth little by little. In order to get the cloth moving, some water can be drunk along with the cloth. On the first day swallow only one foot of the length, retain it for a few minutes, then take it out slowly. Thus, little by little, the whole cloth can be swallowed. retain it in the stomach for two minutes. if you can, practice nauli. Then withdraw the gauze slowly and carefully. When the kriya is over, drink some milk or warm water with honey to lubricate the throat. This kriya can be practiced once a week in the early morning on an empty stomach.



These exercises (with the exception of Agni Sara) should not be practiced if you have, or have ever had, an eating disorder.

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