Gentle Yoga For Senior Citizen

Gentle Yoga For Senior Citizen

Classes Modified for above 50 age people easy way and comfortable according their capacities taught.


Time :Monday and Thrusday
Evening: 3pm


‘Golden Yoga’ Senior Citizens – Pensioners’ Class

Teaching senior citizens can be especially rewarding. Yoga can help them to become more flexible and relaxed than in their youth. It can help to slow, and often reverse, the ageing process.

Yoga is suitable for everyone – all ages and levels of fitness. Unlike many sporting activities, it is non-competitive, so each person can work at his or her own pace. Since yoga is done slowly, there is little risk of injury, providing that it is practiced properly.

many of the problems of later life are compounded by insufficient exercise, unwise eating habits and shallow breathing – problems such as poor circulations, arthritis and digestive disorders. Yoga aids digestion, stimulates circulation and helps to lessen the effects of arthritis. It helps elderly people to sleep better and have more energy and a more positive approach to life.

A person who has been inactive for a while should take up the asanas slowly and gently at first. Older people often need a bit more personal attention. More preparatory exercises should be practiced.

Proper breathing is of great importance in later life. Pranayama, sometimes with diminished retention, should be stressed in pensioner’s classes.

The later years can be a truly golden time. Older people usually have more time to devote to their practice, both physically and spiritually. meditation helps them to feel centered in themselves and diminishes fear and loneliness. it helps them to realise that thisbody is just a vehicle for the soul – the real Self is immortal.