“An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. Practice Yoga, religion and philosophy in daily life and attain Self-Realisation”

The end and aim of all Yogas is to realize Almighty God. Non -attachment is the basis of all the Yogas. The whole theory of Yoga is to go beyond the Body and mind. Yoga Changes the body and connect the inner soul and develop concentration.

"A vision of Health and Happiness of mankind through Yoga Vedanta"

"Yoga is a way of Life"


Serve * Love * Give * Purify * Meditate * Realize * Be Good Do Good * Be Kind * Be Compassionate * Adapt * Adjust * Accommodate

  • Bear Insult Bear Injury Highest Yoga * Bear Insult Bear injury Highest Sadhana.
  • Enquire “ Who Am I ? Know Thy self and be Free."
  • Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat
  • Om Shanthi, Om Peace, Om Shalom Om

– H.H.SwamiSivanandaMaharaj


“Health is wealth, Peace of Mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way”

  • Proper Exercise –Yoga Asanas * Proper Breathing –Pranayama
  • ProperRelaxation-Savasana * Proper Diet-Vegetarian ( Satvic Food)
  • Positive Thinking & Meditation -Vedanta & Dhyana

– H.H.SwamiVishnudevanandaMaharaj

Our Specialities

Yoga for Beginners


This is a thorough step by step introduction to Hata Yoga in both theory and practice. Sun salutations All the basic Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxation...

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Yoga for Children


Two-week Yoga Kid’s Camp will be held in the Ashram during the summer school holidays and is for children aged six to fourteen years. Kid’s camp combines the beauty...

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Yoga for Pregnancy


Pregnancy Yoga(2 weeks) : a series of yoga asanas to gloriously ensure a fit pregnancy...

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Yoga For Senior Citizen


Classes Modified for above 50 age people easy way and comfortable according their capacities taught...

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Yoga for Ladies


 A yoga practice can provide women with both obvious and unexpected benefits for the body, mind and spirit...

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Kriya Yoga Workshop


 Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique that quickly accelerates one’s spiritual growth...

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Yoga Therapy Teacher Training


 Learn yoga therapy techniques to counter elements from back ache and arthritis to diabetes and asthma....

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Meditation and Relaxation


 learn relaxation techniques such as DRT,QRT,IRT and De-stress in a big way...

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