Mudras – Hand Yoga

Mudras – Hand Yoga(1 Week):

Mudras are defined as seals and they are represented by different combinations of thumb and the other fingers of the hand.
According to the Yogic texts, the physical body is made up of five elements: Fire, Air, Aakash, Earth and water which are represented by our thumb, index, middle, ring and little fingers respectively. An imbalance in any of these elements causes diseases as it disrupts the immunity system.

As and when the thumb is brought int contact with a finger representing an element, that element is brought into balance, as the mudras start electromagnetic currents within the body and also redirect prana (vital life force) radiating away from nadis and chakras (energy channels/centers) in the body by forming new circuits with the nerve endings.

Mudras can be used to enhance the mood, attitude, awareness, concentration, memory and in general for a general healthy well being, if practiced on a regular basis.

For example: Through a regular practice of gyan mudra,one’s concentration and memory can be enhanced as it works on the intellect. Also, one’s level of happiness increases, as it brings forth peace and calmness. Thus, one’s quality of life improves.

Gyan mudra is by connecting the thumb and the index/fore finger tip to tip and the other fingers are straight and relaxed.,

These can be practiced by anyone while sitting, talking, walking or even while lying down.