Neti: Nasal Clansing

Neti: Nasal Cleansing

Neti is a technique for cleansing the nose, nasal passages and sinuses. It is important for maintaining freedom of breadth and combating pollution.

To assist nature in cleaning the nasal passage and mucous membrane, string, water and air are used by yogis. These not only remove foreign matter, but prevent catching colds and keep the olfactory nerve in a healthy condition.

Jala Neti: Water Cleansing

Add a teaspoon of sea salt to a glass of lukewarm water and stir well. With the use of a neti pot (lota), pour the water into one nostril, keeping the head back. Then raise the head and blow the excess water out of the nostril. Repeat with the other nostril. The process is repeated 2-3 times with each nostril. It is important not to inhale while pouring the water into nostril. To be practiced daily.

An alternative method is to raise the head and allow salt water to flow down into the throat and out of the mouth. Do not try to inhale the water, as it brings an unpleasant sensation. Just allow it to flow to the mouth naturally, by keeping the head raised, then spit it out. A small quantity of water may remain in the nasal passage, which should be blown out immediately. Jala neti may be practiced daily.  If you feel a head cold coming on, or already have a blocked nose, you may do it two to three times per day.

Sutra Neti: Thread Cleansing

Dip the string or catheter into lukewarm salt water. Insert the catheter into right nostril. When you feel it on the back of the tongue, slowly and carefully draw the catheter out through the mouth using the index finger and thumb. Repeat with left nostril. This can be practiced twice weekly.


Don’t do sutra neti if you have an upper respiratory infection, as it may help to spread it.


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