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Calligraphy means ‘beautiful writing. Calligraphy can be both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit. In our technological age the appreciation for the art of calligraphy has grown incredibly. Calligraphy is a fun hobby, a great business and a creative art. We are happy to implement this program in samyognya academy . This is a certified course with two levels. The duration of each level is three months. These classes are conducted by star kidz star academy,the masters in calligraphy…….



Handwriting is a beautiful art form that connects the letters with swoops and curls. It is an art form that is unique to each individual.

The benefits of handwriting are as follows:

  1. It develops fine motor skills
  2. Prevents reversals and confusion of letters
  3. Enhances spelling ability
  4. Develops an internal control system that can be used as tools for learning
  5. Improves reading skills
  6. Cursive handwriting promotes reading words instead of distinct letters
  7. This also reduces errors due to the continuos flow of writing
  8. Another advantage is that each word consists one of the continuos line where all the elements flow together.The brain learns better that way
  9. The rhythm in cursive writing promotes the automatic nature of the writing task.
  10. We in samyognya have arranged this special class for children who want to improve their writing skills. There are levels for hand writing course, each level duration being three months……


Kathak is among the six major classical dances in india,the word kathak is derived from the word katha, meaning the art of story telling which was developed in the jaipur gharana(school). A regional style emphasizing the technical mastery of pure dance. To the east in the court of wajjid ali shah, the last nawab of oudh and himself a student of kathak, the dance emphasized dramatic and sensous expressions and developed into the style, characteristics of the lucknow gharana. With dance music and mind these story tellers of ancient india depicts the mahabharatha, ramayana and the purana’s of sanskrit literature.

Here in samyognya, kathak is taught by professionals. Classes are only for ladies and children.


  1. Classes will be held twice a week 1hr duration.
  2. Management reserves all rights to debar any students misbehaving, creating problems in the school premises.
  3. Students have to maintain strict discipline when sent out for other events as they represent our school.
  4. Admission fees are non-refundable.
  5. Monthly fees should be paid by 7th of every month, beyond that a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged per day delay.
  6. Yearly once students are expected to contribute towards the annual celebrations of the school.
  7. If students are irregular the school is not responsible and monthly fees ought to be paid regardless of classes attended or not.
  8. If a student does not attend classes continuously his/her admissions will be valid upto two months within this, if student comes back he/she is admitted only on taking the monthly fees. But beyond two months old admission is invalid and the student is considered as fresh admission.
  9. Fees for all the classes may be enhanced from time to time .
  10. At the time of admission student should give two passport size photographs.


We from samyognya academy enhance the child’s skills through abacus and brain gym activities. The abacus helps in the powerful learning methodology. Kinaesthetic (touch), visual (look), auditory (see), brain gym activities specifically stimulate & develop the cerebellar system.
Ambidexterity is the ability to use both hands with equal case or facility. The using of left hand activities the right part of the brain. Speed writing is the programme that helps children write correctly, legible skills, enhances listening skills, concentration, creative and imagination power, and builds confidence in the students. We are happy to implement this programme in your school, at your convenience. THIS IS A CERTIFIED COURSE BY SMART KIDZ STAR ACADEMY.


Here in samyognya academy ‘Bharathnatyam’ is taught in a unique traditional way with wonderful teachers who are very dedicated and hard working. We teach our students this cultural dance and give them an opportunity to excel their talents on stages and this dance form is eligible for children above 6yrs and adults too. As we know that Bharathnatyam is a famous dance form in south India. It is the oldest of all dance forms, dance of mind and soul. It is traditional and known for its grace, purity, tenderness, statuesque and sculpturesque poses . An embodiment of charm , beauty and gracefulness .
The word ‘ bharathnatyam is split as: BHAVA ( expression) +RAGA ( music ) + TALA ( rhythm) + NATYAM ( dance).


Samyognya academy offers drawing and painting classes exclusively for children and professionals. Our dedicated teacher sir vidhyanand.A. He is a professional fine arts teacher. He is a degree holder in fine arts. He is teaching in samyognya academy from more than a year. He is a dedicated teacher with an amazing talent and also with a great patience.
He has mastered himself in oil painting, sketching, water colour painting and modern art. He has shown his talent by winning many awards such as:

  1. Landscape mysore dasara award
  2. Won the first place in state level painting contestHis achievements:
  3. He has exhibited his paintings at Gadag, Davangere, Harihara and chitradurga
  4. He has experienced as a commercial artist and Visualizer in an advertising agency in Bangalore
  5. He has sold many of his master pieces for reputed companies
  6. At present he is working as an Art teacher in Cambridge School


Mrs. Savitha prakash has been teaching conversational kannada successfully from past 3 yrs to various actresses, business men, models, doctors, retired persons etc., this has been very useful for many people who have come from different parts of india. Most of them come here with different reasons to learn kannada and these classes have been a great use for them. So, here in samyognya there is a great opportunity for you to learn how to speak kannada in a simple way with our own study modules in just three months duration. Classes conducted for housewives, professionals, foreigners and students on week days and week ends.


Karaoke club is a unique workshop for professionals, house wives and students who have never undergone any practical musical training and have a passion for singing. But due to their busy schedule could’nt make it very serious. Here in samyognya academy we keenly observe each singer and we rectify their faults in playback singing.

We teach recording, mike, and breathing techniques, sound clarity and the right pronunciation to sing with karaoke and also train them to face the big stage. In addition to all these the singers will be trained for a stage show at the end of the year.


Samyognya academy is starting light music classes in association with smart kidz star academy, in which we teach bhavageethe, bhaktigeete, folk songs, slokas, old film hits and bhajans. These classes are for both children and adults.

Mrs. Savitha prakash has been teaching light music from past one year. She has done her play back singing coursei in adarsha film institute. She learnt light music at manjula guru raj’s sadhana music school for three yrs. She organized a charity based ticket show on old kannada movie hits recently in ravindra kalakshethra which was telecasted on chandana T.V. She has sung with rajesh krishna in a devotional song. She has sung in a kannada T.V. Serial ‘‘theli hodha nauke’’ got a title ‘‘gaana mandhara’’. She has got a lot of awards in various state level competitions. She’s sung in many T.V.Shows like dd 9, kasturi and suvarna channels. She had been selected for ‘e’ tv’s yedhe thumbi haaduvenu.

Our students in samyognya academy will be sent to various competitions, T.V. Shows and given an opportunity in our shows as well.They’ll be specially trained for the same ( the show expenses will be beared by the individuals)..