Surya Jyothi Yoga Vedanda Centre
Surya Jyothi Yoga Vedanda Sadhana Gurukulam (Rgd)

Man's essential nature is Divine, the awareness of which he has lost because of his animal propensities and the veil of ignorence.In his ignorance he identifies him self with the body, mind, Prana, Senses.Transcending these, he becomes one with Brahman Absolute who is pure satchidananda.God has a master-plan. We have our parts to play. Spiritualise all your activities.

Yoga is divine knowledge taught by Rishis to gain physical, mental, spiritual well being and to attain Divine quality by following the eight limbs of Raja Yoga (Patanjali Yoga) which is called Astanga Yoga.Yoga means union of human soul with the supreme-soul or the almighty God. This is a Process which liberates the human soul from the bondage of Maya (attachment to wordly pleasures leading to cycle of birth and rebirth)

Always use sweet words, look at all with kindness ,feeding your mind with thoughts of God, Purify your heart and use your hands for selfless service. You have forgotten to look within, to gaze within Introspect, concentrate, meditate and have so became ignorant and are lost in darkness. Only regular practice of YOGA can show you right way to attain to your lost Divinity.

The Vision of this Mission is Yoga which is a way towards Divinity with simple living and high thinking.