Yoga for Children

Yoga for Children

Children’s & General Weekend Yoga Classes

A fun and playful approach to yoga helps kids develop coordination strength and confidence.We are teaching yoga and meditation to children of age 8 and over above.


Time :Saturday & Sunday
Morning: 7.30am, 9am
Evening: 4pm

Yoga for children

Children’s Summer Yoga Course:

Two-week Yoga Kid’s Camp will be held in the Ashram during the summer school holidays and is for children aged six to fourteen years. Kid’s camp combines the beauty and discipline of yoga with the fun of camp! By practicing yogic principles, children will learn to develop discipline, personal skills and talents and will also build character and improve self~confidence. The training children receive will work positively at the subconscious level to give a strong spiritual foundation for their future lives. Kids will develop a respect for nature, learn to respect all religions and begin to experience the inner silence and peace that come through the practice of yoga and meditation.


Yoga For Children

Starting yoga when young gives children an excellent foundation in life. With their natural flexibility and sense of balance, they usually find it far easier to adopt the postures than adults, and can make rapid progress. The majority of children are naturally adventurous – all they need is a little encouragement. A parent or teacher should help them to get into the correct position, but take care never to force their bodies into a pose, as bones and muscles are still growing. Most children are great mimics – if they see a friend or relative practicing asanas regularly, they will probably want to join in.

generally the only problem is one of concentration. However, contrary to popular misconception, children have wonderful abilities to concentrate, if they are interested in something. Therefore, the classes may be done in a more playful manner, to stimulate their interest.

The teacher can take advantage o the fact that any asanas are named after animals, birds and other creatures. You can let the children roar like a lion, arch a snake charmer’s cobra or be a tree. Use your imagination – practicing the forward bend is like closing a book (or making a ‘Tummy sandwich’). The Shoulderstand can appear like the candle on a birthday cake.

Relaxation times tend to be shorter and a class for children usually lasts 45-60 minutes. Postures are held for shorter times. More variations are introduced.

The Lion pose is a must!

Meditation too is of great value when growing up, strengthening a child’s powers of concentration. In schools where meditation is taught, teachers have observed a great improvement in both class work and in group interaction.

Children can start practicing Yoga at any age. However, before the age of 6 or 7, it is more difficult to hold the child’s attention.

There are no asanas that should not be done by children. However, as the head to body ratio of young children is quite different from that of adults, they are not able to do the Headstand with arms in tripod position.