Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy


Pregnancy Yoga(2 weeks) : a series of yoga asanas to gloriously ensure a fit pregnancy.


Yoga During Pregnancy

The months of carrying a child are precious, and soon past. Yoga can help a woman to have the best possible pregnancy and delivery, whether her health or circumstances. It also encourages a positive environment for the growing child.

Pranayama – no Kapalabhati should be done, and only gentle Anuloma Viloma (with no retention).

Asanas – the gentle stretching and relaxation effect is highly beneficial. Most asanas may continue to be practised, and others may be modiied.

If students are new to yoga, this might not be the best time for them to begin to learn the Headstand. However, if the woman has already been practising the Headstand they may continue up until approximately the fourth month, or until it becomes uncomfortable.

No asanas are to be done lying on the abodomen during pregnancy.

meditation – pregnancy is an excellent time for a woman to practise meditation. The way she is feeling and thinking also affects the child very strongly.