Become Yoga Instructor

Become Yoga Instructor

Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC):

This three-month yoga teacher training course is an intensive and transformational experience that will help you to establish a firm foundation of inner discipline. The program is based on the principle of ‘Synthesis of Yoga,’ an integrated approach to learning that includes Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the Hindu rites and rituals that are also fundamental to the ashram schedule.You will learn to perfect your own personal practice as well as to develop skills to teach yoga to others. The TTC is a challenging experience, and if completed successfully students will receive yoga teacher’s Training Certificate. A candidate for TTC should have a sincere desire to learn and openness to yogic technique. A basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is helpful, but not essential.

The duration of yoga teacher training course is 1 to 3 month 200 /500 hours classes according student time suitability. After completion of the written examination a “SURYA JYOTHI YOGA INSTRUCTORS FOUNDATION COURSE” a certificate diploma will be awarded.

yoga teacher training course

An introduction to the Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course

The Gurukula System

In India in ancient times, the tradition was for students to live, work and study with their teacher. This is the Gurukula system (‘guru’ meaning teacher; ‘kula’ is home). Students would usually arrive at the ashram when they were approximately eight years old and remain for twelve years. They would be treated as part of the family and, in addition to daily lessons in philosophy, would be taught the practical aspects of yoga – asanas, pranayama, and karma yoga. The student was expected to do chores and help around the house. One might be asked to tend the guru’s cattle another to chop wood, or anything else which needed doing or the family and school to survive.

The Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course is styled after this ancient model. For the next month, you will have the opportunity to live, study and work with your teachers and fellow students in an ashram environment.

The yoga teacher training course is an intensive one month programme, designed to conform with modern temperament. Each part of course is of utmost importance to the whole. Attendance at all activities is therefore essential and, to encourage this, roll will be taken.

This is a practical as well as experimental course; theory gives understanding to practice and practice gives meaning to theory. Swami Sivananda used to say “an ounce of practice is worth tons of theory”. However, both are necessary for you to have a through understanding of the yoga tradition.

The practice of guru-parampara maintains the ancient teachings and keeps them as a living tradition to become part of the lineage when you become a yoga teacher. The Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training Course is taught from the personal experience of each of the teachers, and according to the teachings that we have been given by our Masters: Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda.

yoga teacher training course

The Daily Programme

An integral part of the Teachers’ Training Course (T.T.C.) is satsang, which will take place twice a day at 6 a.m and 8 p.m. Satsang consists of approximately half an hour of silent meditation, half an hour of chanting (usually in Sanskrit) and a talk or reading on some aspect of yoga philosophy. It is in regularity that good habits are made and strengthened. This month is a perfect opportunity for you to become strong and steady in the habit of daily meditation.

The morning asana class at 8 a.m gives you the opportunity to perfect your own asanas. Doing these physical exercises in a slow and relaxed manner will help you to be strong and supple. The body is the vehicle by which you move through this life. It may be undergoing some unusual stresses during this next month, and it is essential to keep it healthy. The daily classes will help you to build the good habit of daily asana practice.

An hour of karma yoga, an integral part of the programme, is on the schedule for all students. Swami Sivananda used to say, “Some students claim to be yogis, they think they can just sit and meditate all day, but their minds are not ready for it. Instead, they just sit and daydream. Karma yoga is essential for building concentration and will-power. Service purifies the mind and makes us realise the Oneness of all.”

The class at 12-noon will cover either the Bhagvad Gita or chanting. The Gita is oe of the main authoritative texts dealing with the essentials of yoga. Chanting is one of the main practices of bhakti yoga – the path of devotion.

The main lecture of the day, at 2 p.m each afternoon will present the philosophical and practical backbone of yoga. This is the only class for which you have homework; you are requested to hand in a one page summary of this lecture on the following day.

The afternoon asana class at 4 p.m will be devoted to teaching you to teach asanas and pranayama. Please try to come to this, and all classes, without previous expectations. In this way you will be open and receptive to what is being taught.

There will be one day of each week. Attendance at morning and evening is mandatory on these days for yoga teacher training course.